Adding Value through Antimicrobial Product Protection with a lifetime warranty.

BioClad is the world's first antimicrobial PVC hygienic wall cladding. Antimicrobial silver ion is impregnated into the hygienic cladding panels at the time of manufacture. This helps stop the growth of bacteria and mould which works continuously for the lifetime of the panels, reducing levels of bacteria such as MRSA, E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella and mould by up to 99.99%.

Independent Testing: Bacteria Reduced to 0%

BioClad has been proven to work in real-world environments. An independent study was undertaken in a UK care home kitchen where 35 surfaces were tested for their bacteria levels. The BioClad hygienic wall cladding registered a 0 level of bacteria. BioClad incorporates silver ion antimicrobial technology. Silver ion technology is a safe, natural antimicrobial that is added at our point of manufacture ensuring it is present throughout our virgin PVC sheets. This ensures continued protection and is guaranteed for its lifetime and the best part is that Advanced offer this product supplied and installed at no extra cost!

Utilising Antimicrobial Technology, BioClad will:

  • Inhibit growth of MRSA, E.coli, Legionella, Salmonella and Mould by up to 99.9% PROVEN
  • Continues to control bacteria 24/7
  • Guaranteed protection for expected lifetime of BioClad
  • BioClad will guarantee ADDED VALUE to your hygienic cladding package


Where can it be used?

Healthcare, Education, Food Manufacturing, Industrial, Leisure, Pharmaceutical, HM Majesty's Prison Service. Kitchen and Serveries Showers, W.C's and Changing Rooms, Laboratories, Hospital Wards and Treatment Rooms, Operating Theatres, Wet and Hygienically Sensitive Areas

bacteria report

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